General Body Code Sessions -

General Body Code sessions can be 'directed' at anything that is bothering you, it can
be pain, a health issue, or an emotional issue. (See How Does it Work? for some
suggestions of things you might want to work on).

In the case of pets, I've seen great results with both health and behavioral issues.
See Maggie's Page for some pretty impressive video of results I got using the Body
Code with a reactive dog.

Regular $95 - currently set at the
Introductory Rate - $45 - with a discount for
multiple sessions.

Heartwall Clearing Package -

A HeartWall will make it more difficult for you to feel emotions and connect to others.
If you have a HeartWall, you will have a harder time being able to give and receive
love freely. Heartwalls can also block us from receiving abundance or experiencing
business success!

Read more about Heartwalls -> HERE <- .

Heartwall Clearing session includes testing for the thickness of the wall, report of
Trapped Emotions released and re-test after each session for thickness change.
Average number of sessions for clearing is 4 to 6, but fee covers however many it

Regular $250 -
Introductory Rate - $175 - Checkout Here

Addictive Heart Energy Clearing -

Addictive Heart Energy is a fairly recent discovery by Dr. Nelson. It too can be cleared
energetically. If you feel 'driven' by addictions, you may have Addicitive Heart Energy.
While you would commonly expect to see this for people having difficulty giving up
smoking, drinking or eating, it also plays a part in many other 'addictive' behaviors
like shopping, chocolate, computer use or inability to say 'no'. Dr. Brad said that when
he first cleared this energy on himself it eliminated his lifelong 'work-a-holic' behavior.

Just thought I'd let you know I was approached for several 'volunteer' opportunities in
the last week (since you cleared my AHE) and I was actually able to say 'No' !
Wow, pretty impressive. Thanks much. Jeff NY

Regular $50 - Introductory Rate - $40 - Checkout Here

Gift Certificates -

Gift Certificates are available for any of the above Services. Proceed to the Checkout
and choose what Service you would like Gift Certificates for. When checking out (on
Paypal site), include the person's name and email. I will send you a Gift Certificate in
their name that you can either print out and give or email (if long distance). The
recipient will then have to fill out an Intake form to activate their session.

'Physical & Emotional Healing for People & Pets...
Here is a brief description of the services I am currently offering. Go directly to the
Check-out Page to choose the services you desire. Once your payment has been
received, I will send you (manually) the appropriate Intake Form via your PayPal
addy. For those used to going direct to the Intake form, forms are 'down' for now. :(
... anywhere in the world!'