A session for Nadia, a German Shepherd experiencing Liver problems.

Current Liver function - 58%

I ask to be shown the most significant issues affecting Nadia's liver.

Energy / Emotional / Trapped Emotion

Does Nadia have another TE affecting her liver function that I can clear at this
time? No

Something else affecting her liver function that I can address? Yes

Toxicity / Chemicals / Environmental
As toxins are made from pure energy, they can sometimes be released
energetically if the concentrations are low.
Was I able to release the toxicity from Nadia's liver? Y

Things listed as potential causes of toxicity -
Carpet, furnishings, pesticides, cleaning supplies, herbicides.

Anything else contributing to Nadia's liver issues I can address at this time? Y

Circuitry / Liver
What is disrupting the liver's circuitry?

Energy / Mental / *No Will to Live
* Sometimes life overwhelms us and we lose the desire to live. If this happens
even temporarily, the energy of feeling can become lodged in the body,
providing a continual source of imbalance. Luckily it can be cleared energetically.
Cleared? Yes

Anything else affecting Nadia's liver that I can address at this time? No

Did this improve the liver's function? Yes
Current function? 79%

Much better ! : )
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