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How many sessions should I get?

Single sessions are great if you've never experienced Body Code or Emotion Code
work before, as it gives you a chance to 'try it out' at a reasonable price. Some
issues DO clear in a single session, but most do not. When it comes to 'baggage',
unfortunately few people 'Travel Light'! To encourage people to experience TRUE
transformation, I've been guided to offer significant discounts for purchasing
multiple sessions.

Go ahead! Invest in yourself. YOU DESERVE IT! (And if you don't think so,
purchase some extra sessions and we'll work on that first.)

Single session - $45

2 Sessions - $80 - Save $10!

4 Sessions - $155 - Save $25!

6 Sessions - $270 - Save $40

10 Sessions - $375 - Save $75!
Addictive Heart Energy Clearing - $40

Heartwall Package - $175
*Covers as many sessions as it takes to
clear your primary Heartwall AND includes
FREE testing for, and clearing of Addictive
Heart Energy (if found). Does not include
additional Hidden Heartwalls.

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