How does it work?

After connecting to your (or your animals) 'energy', I ask your body to show me
what energy disruptions are present that are contributing to your emotional or
physical issue. I will list what the body tells me. If they are Trapped Emotions, I
will also list the approximate age at which they occurred. I then clear them

For the most part, it helps to be specific. Just a few of the issues I have
addressed -

Once the energetic 'blockages' are removed, the body's energy flow can return to
normal in that area - much like removing a dam from a waterway. The Body
Code itself doesn't heal anything. Your body has the truly amazing ability to
heal ITSELF once the blocks to physical or emotional health are removed.

When working with pain issues, I have been able to reduce pain levels by 50%
or even totally in some instances. Results of course vary, as one person's pain
level may be caused only a couple TE's, allowing for a 'quick fix', while someone
else may have layers and layers of energetic disruptions contributing to their
pain (or illness).

Sometimes the release of a trapped emotion will bring about an instant and
dramatic effect, though other times the time the results are more subtle. But
whether immediate or gradual, they always seem to bring a greater sense of
peace and contentment.

I have done a great deal of work with Rescue Animals. Body Code work does a
wonderful job of addressing a lot of the fear, anxiety, stress and even
aggression issues experienced by animals who have been abused or abandoned.
This makes things so much easier for adopters as it clears out a large portion of
the 'baggage' that many shelter dogs come with.

* Does XX have any Trapped Emotions causing her to sabotage her weight loss efforts?
* I ask to be shown what is causing XXX's panic attacks.
* Does XX have a heartwall ?
* Does XX have any energetic disruptions contributing to his high blood sugar?
* Does XX have have any energetic disruptions causing her low back pain?
* Does XX have any Trapped Emotions causing her to distrust men?
* Does XX have any Trapped Emotions causing him to anger so easily?
* What is contributing to XX's high blood pressure ?
* What is the most significant cause(s) of XX's depression?
* What needs to be cleared to address XX's fear of flying or spiders etc.?

'Physical & Emotional Healing for People & Pets...
... anywhere in the world!'